Liner Production

NCR Marine is known as a company that has gained an important place with the products and services it offers to the maritime industry. The company also manufactures liners used in the coating of ships. Liner is a coating material that provides high durability and low coefficient of friction used in the load carrying parts of ships.

NCR Marine stands out in the sector with its production facilities equipped with the latest technology equipment and experienced technical staff in liner manufacturing. The company can produce liners in different sizes and shapes according to customer demands. It also offers products that comply with different classifications and certifications. The quality of the materials used in the manufacture of liners is of great importance in terms of durability and longevity of the product.

NCR Marine manufactures using high quality materials and guarantees its customers the durability of its products. NCR Marine not only produces but also provides technical support to its customers. According to the needs of its customers, the company provides services with its expert personnel in the installation, maintenance and repair of liners. In this way, it enables its customers to use their products for many years without any problems.

As a result, NCR Marine is a prominent company in the maritime sector with its quality liner manufacturing and customer-oriented services. With its technological infrastructure and experienced team, the company meets the needs of its customers in the best way and constantly strengthens its position in the sector.


Liner Production


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